Yard Trucks

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A Variety of Sizes for Your Needs

For over 45 years, Capacity has been the trusted yard truck manufacturer for ports and railway hubs around the world with the outstanding TJ Series, proudly built in the USA. Though heavy and lighter hauling needs are different, Capacity trucks are designed and built to be relentless performers. No matter what you call them: yard jockeys, spotter trucks, workhorse trucks, mules, or warehouse trucks, call on Capacity to give you an outstanding ROI and get the job done.

  • Off-Highway and DOT
  • Move up to 242,000 lbs
  • All Steel Cab
1519291502 Tj5000

TJ 5000 – single-axle yard jockey truck, GCWR of up to 81,000-lbs. Recommended for warehouse and distribution. Also great for intermodal trucking, rough surface conditions.

1519291503 Tj6500

TJ 6500 – tandem-axle yard jockey, GCWR of up to 125,000-lbs. Good for warehouse work with ideal surface conditions.

1519291505 Tj9000

TJ 9000 – single-axle yard jockey truck, GCWR of up to 242,000-lbs. Intermodal, warehouse and distribution, or for port trucking, Handles rough surface conditions.